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Silicon Carbide Lapping Film Disc

​Silicon Carbide Lapping Film Disc
The Silicon Dioxide Lapping Film Disc is a highly recommended product for final polishing applications that require excellent edge retention. This Disc is made up of a mylar film that is coated with resin containing Silicon dioxide particles. It is an ideal alternative to colloidals and cloths for final polishing on SEM and TEM samples.
The Silicon Carbide and Silicon Dioxide lapping films are also highly recommended for fine grinding and lapping applications where edge retention is important. These films consist of a mylar film that is coated with resin containing either Silicon carbide or Silicon Dioxide particles. They are perfect for achieving a high-quality finish on a variety of materials.
If you are looking for a reliable product that can provide excellent results for your
polishing and grinding needs, then the Silicon Dioxide lapping Film Disc and Silicon Carbide and Silicon Dioxide lapping films are the perfect options for you. These products are easy to use and highly effective, making them an ideal choice for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Composition: The Disc is made with Silicon carbide, a hard and durable material known for its excellent abrasive properties. Silicon carbide is commonly used in lapping films for its ability to produce fine finishes and effective material removal.

Applications: The Silicon Carbide Lapping film Disc is suitable for a variety of applications, including:


  • Abrasive Material: Silicon carbide is chosen for its hardness, ensuring efficient material removal and achieving fine finishes.

  • Consistent Particle Size: The Lapping Film is designed with a uniform particle size, contributing to consistent and controlled abrasion during the Lapping process.

  • Backing Material: The Film is typically mounted on a backing material, providing support and stability during the lapping process.

Sizes and Variations: Silicon Carbide Lapping film Discs are available in various sizes, commonly in diameters such as 4", 6", and 8". The availability of different sizes allows for compatibility with various lapping machines and applications.


  • Hardness: Silicon carbide's hardness is beneficial for effective material removal, particularly in applications where precision is crucial.

  • Consistency: The consistent particle size of the lapping film ensures uniform results across the surface being worked on.

  • Versatility: Suitable for lapping and Polishing a diverse range of materials, making it a versatile tool in precision machining.

  • Precision: Capable of achieving fine finishes and tight tolerances, making it ideal for applications requiring high precision.

Applications: The Silicon Carbide Lapping Film Disc finds applications in industries such as manufacturing, optics, electronics, and more, where achieving precise and high-quality finishes is essential.

Conclusion: In summary, the Silicon Carbide Lapping Film Disc is a valuable abrasive tool designed for precision lapping and Polishing applications. Its composition, features, and versatility make it a reliable choice for achieving fine finishes and maintaining precision in various industries.

* Micron graded premium abrasive to produce precise finishes
* Precision
backing for uniformity and sample planarity
* Resists water, oil and most solvents
* Use for non-encapsulated samples
* Not recommended for power head applications

Diameter: 4"  6" 8" 

Mounting: PSA (Pad) Roughness Grade: 

Mesh                 :15000

Particle size/µm: 0.3  

Type: Silicon Dioxide Lapping Film Disc

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