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Lubricants Dispersants Base Liquid 

Silicon Carbide Polishing Slurry
Lubricants Dispersants Base Liquid 
Lubricants have the ability to blend seamlessly with abrasive substances, such as diamond powder, resulting in a superior dispersion and suspension effect. This, in turn, enhances the abrasive grinding force, leading to an exceptional grinding and processing outcome. Additionally, these lubricants are eco-friendly and can be easily cleaned. We offer customizations to cater to specific requirements, making it more convenient for our customers to use. As a result, our lubricants are a perfect choice for those seeking high-quality and efficient grinding and processing solutions.

  1. Good Dispersity: Ensures even distribution of abrasive particles for consistent grinding performance.

  2. High Removal Rate: Enhances the grinding efficiency, resulting in faster material removal.

  3. Wide Applicability: Suitable for a variety of applications and compatible with different abrasive materials.

Benefits of Our Lubricants:

  • Enhanced Grinding Force: By improving the dispersion and suspension of abrasive particles, our lubricants significantly boost the grinding force, leading to superior processing results.

  • Eco-Friendly: Our lubricants are environmentally friendly, reducing the ecological impact and promoting sustainability.

  • Easy to Clean: The lubricants can be easily removed from surfaces, simplifying the cleanup process after grinding.

  • Customizable: We offer customization options to meet specific requirements, ensuring our lubricants fit perfectly into your grinding processes.


Our high-performance lubricants are ideal for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to:

  • Diamond Powder Grinding: Perfect for use with diamond powder, enhancing its grinding efficiency and performance.

  • Precision Grinding: Suitable for high-precision grinding tasks in various industries, ensuring excellent results.

  • Abrasive Processing: Ideal for general abrasive processing tasks, providing consistent and reliable performance.

How to Use:

  1. Preparation: Ensure that the abrasive substance, such as diamond powder, is ready for use.

  2. Mixing: Blend the lubricant with the abrasive substance to achieve a uniform dispersion and suspension.

  3. Application: Apply the mixture to the grinding surface or tool as needed.

  4. Grinding: Proceed with the grinding process, noting the improved grinding force and efficiency.

  5. Cleanup: After grinding, clean the surface or tool to remove any residual lubricant. The eco-friendly formula ensures easy cleaning.


To cater to specific customer requirements, we offer a range of customization options for our lubricants. Whether you need a particular viscosity, specific additive, or tailored packaging, we can provide a solution that meets your needs.

Contact Us:

For more information or to discuss your specific lubrication needs, please contact our sales team. We are committed to providing high-quality and efficient grinding and processing solutions to enhance your operations.

LubricantsDispersants Base Liquid
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