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Fibrous  Flocked Pile Lapping Film

Fibrous  Flocked Pile Lapping Film
The production of Flocked Pile Polishing Film involves the utilization of advanced electrostatic planting technology and precise coating technology. In the case of HS-1, the flock is directly planted on the polyester material, which can be used independently or in conjunction with Polishing liquid. Meanwhile, HS-2 is derived from HS-1 and coated with silicon oxide abrasive, making it even more effective in polishing applications.
Thanks to its advanced electrostatic planting technology, Flocked Pile polishing Film is able to provide superior polishing performance compared to traditional polishing materials. The precise coating technology ensures that the flock is evenly distributed on the polyester material, resulting in a uniformly polished surface.
HS-1, which features the flock directly planted on the polyester material, can be used independently for minor polishing tasks or in conjunction with polishing liquid for more intensive applications. Meanwhile, HS-2, which is coated with silicon oxide abrasive, is ideal for polishing harder surfaces that require more abrasive action.
Overall, Flocked Pile polishing Film is a highly versatile and effective polishing material that can be used for a wide range of applications. Whether you need to polish delicate surfaces or tough, hard-to-polish materials, this product is sure to provide the performance and reliability you need.
1. Outstanding polishing performance: Excellent polishing capability,outsdanding polishing effect and after polishing  the roughness of the suerface can reach mirror level effect;
2. High degree of lapping uniformity: products' surface is neat and soft, can reach the high lapping consistency, can reach high degree of uniformity and smoothness after lapping/polishing;
3.Perfect curviture serface polishing effect: our products have good flexibility, can achieve a variety of curivture surface polishing, and the polishing effect is excellent;
4.Significant in reserving glass gullet/chip waste effect, Effectively avoid scratching: our products use electrostatic flocking substrates, with excellent elasticity and glass gullet/chip waste reserve and buffering effect, with water as polishing medium, can effectively avoid scratches to applying surfaces.
Fibrous  Flocked Pile Lapping Film
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