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Microfinishing Film Roll

​Microfinishing Polishing Film Roll
The Microfinishing film roll is created by evenly coating high strength PET film with abrasive grains, resulting in a highly efficient and mirror-like finish. Our selection of abrasive materials includes diamondaluminum oxidesilicon carbidesilicon oxidecerium oxide,, among others, to meet the various hardness requirements of workpiece finishing. With our Microfinishing film roll, you can achieve top-quality results quickly and easily. Additionally, our product is designed for long-lasting durability, ensuring you can rely on it for all your finishing needs. Experience the difference with our Microfinishing film roll   
1. High removal rate with well-plated abrasive grains; 
2. Easy scraping and less plug; 
3. Consistent finish performance with uniform PET backing and abrasive plated-upon;
4. Long durability and good cost-performance for customers.
​Microfinishing Polishing Film Roll
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