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Rough-surface MonoCrystalline Diamond Slurry (RCD Slurry)

Rough-surface MonoCrystalline Diamond Slurry (RCD Slurry)
Hans' proprietary RCD powder serves as the primary component for the Rough-surface MonoCrystalline Diamond slurry (RCD Slurry). This slurry boasts a polydisperse formula, which effectively maintains a high and uniform removal rate while minimizing the risk of scratches. The RCD diamond slurry is primarily utilized for grinding and polishing sapphire materials, optical lenses, hard glass and crystal, superhard ceramics, and alloy materials.
The use of RCD slurry ensures that the final product is not only polished to a high shine, but is also free of any unsightly scratches or blemishes. This is due to the unique formulation of the slurry, which allows for a consistent and even application during the polishing process. As a result, the final product is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also boasts a high degree of durability and resilience.
Whether you are in the business of manufacturing sapphire materials, optical lenses, or superhard ceramics, RCD slurry is the ideal solution for achieving a polished and flawless finish. With its superior performance and ease of use, RCD slurry is quickly becoming the go-to choice for manufacturers and industry professionals alike.
1. Rough surface can increase contact point in the polishing process; Enhance the polishing effect accordingly;    
2. With good self-sharpening, can keep high removal rate;    
3. With a large number of small cutting chins, can reduce surface roughness of the workpiece.    
Rough-surface MonoCrystalline Diamond Slurry (RCD Slurry)
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