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Structured Abrasives Cloth

Soft cloth base Abrasive Cloth
hard cloth base Abrasive Cloth
Our structured abrasives Lapping cloth is available in two types: soft cloth base Abrasive cloth and hard cloth base Abrasive cloth. Both types feature three-dimensional silicon carbide abrasive particles on JE-weight or X-weight cloth. The particle arrangement on the surface is precise and uniform, ensuring an unparalleled grinding effect that surpasses traditional sandpaper.
Our product offers a superior level of abrasive performance, making your work easier and more efficient. The soft cloth base Abrasive cloth is ideal for finishing and polishing, while the hard cloth base Abrasive cloth is perfect for grinding and deburring.
Our structured abrasives Lapping cloth is suitable for a wide range of applications, including metalworking, woodworking, automotive, and aerospace industries. It can be used on various materials, such as steel, aluminum, titanium, and composites.
Our product is designed to provide consistent and reliable results, with minimal clogging and longer lifespan. It is easy to use and can be cut to any size or shape, making it adaptable to various tools and machines.
In summary, our structured abrasives Lapping cloth is a high-performance abrasive product that offers superior grinding, polishing, and deburring capabilities. Its precision and uniformity ensure consistent results, making it an ideal choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.
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