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Diamond Lapping Film Roll

Diamond Lapping Film Roll
Diamond lapping film is a top-quality product that boasts a high-strength polyester backing and a precisely graded mineral coating. This combination allows for a uniform and consistent finish, ensuring that abrasives are oriented and evenly distributed across the surface. As a result, users can enjoy higher levels of efficiency when grinding and polishing, as well as a superior polishing effect.The mineral coating on the diamond lapping film includes a wide range of materials, such as diamondaluminum oxidesilicon carbidesilicon oxidecerium oxide,. This makes the product suitable for grinding and polishing multiple materials of varying levels of hardness.Whether you are working on a delicate project that requires a gentle touch or a more heavy-duty job that demands a tougher approach, Diamond lapping film is the perfect choice. With its superior quality and versatility, this product is sure to exceed your expectations and provide you with the results you need. So why wait? Try diamond lapping film today and experience the difference for yourself!
Materials: Diamond
Grit size /D80,D60,D45,D30,D15,D9,D6,D3,D1,D0.5
Backing thickness:125μm(5mil) 75μm(3mil)
Product specification:
Φ127mm, Φ203mm(8inch),114mm*114mm(4.5inch),140mm*140mm,152mm*152mm(6inch),228mm*228mm(9inch)
special specifications can be customized,back can be with glue and velvet
•perfect grinding efficiency for surface's high-resolution with different precision demand 
•It not only has the characteristics of high grinding force of fixed abrasive such as ggrinding wheel, but also can achieve the polishing accuracy of free abrasive such as grinding fluid
•It has good strength and flexibility, and can achieve ideal surface polishing effect
•Consistent finishing performance
•High durability and cost reduction 
•Available for dry polishing and wet polishing
Fiber grinding of ceramic insert core; grinding of optical lens, Lcd and led; grinding of magnetic head and hard disk; grinding of micro motor shaft and micro motor commutator; grinding of tungsten steel and other hard alloy such as printing roller shaft and automobile crankshaft.
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