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About Han

Hans is a company that has been operating since June 2001 and specializes in the research and development, production, and operation of ultra-precision grinding and polishing materials, processes, and related equipment. They are committed to providing customers with customized precision grinding and polishing solutions and materials, fully supporting various industries such as semiconductors, optical communications, LED, LCD, automobiles, electronics, micro-motors, medical equipment, and more. The company prides itself on leading sales with technology research and development, and their dedication to this approach has earned them the trust of customers both at home and abroad.
    Hans has accumulated over 20 years of technology and experience, enabling them to work closely with core customers in the industry. Their technology and service level continue to improve, with many of their products filling gaps in China and reaching the international advanced level. Their products are exported to dozens of countries and regions, such as Germany, the United States, Japan, South Korea, and Italy.
    The company places a strong emphasis on product stability and consistency, implementing 6S management standards and focusing on on-site improvement. They have also established a complete after-sales service and technical support system to meet and solve customers' high-end needs for ultra-precision grinding and polishing.
Lapping films are widely used for polishing various materials, including semiconductor dies, fiber optics, optical components, ceramic capacitors, computer hard drive read-write heads, ceramic seals, and more.
    The main characteristic of lapping films is that they produce very flat surfaces, especially across materials with a wide range in hardness. Lapping films consist of a polyester backing with an epoxy binder that rigidly fixes the abrasive. The most common abrasives used for lapping films include diamond, silicon carbide, alumina, and ceria.
    Diamond lapping films are precision coated abrasives that use precisely graded diamond. They provide a tough, durable, tear-resistant abrasive plastic film that is waterproof and resistant to many solvents. Diamond lapping films are exceptional abrasives for preparing microelectronic materials for SEM and TEM analysis.
    Silicon carbide lapping films are bonded or coated abrasive films of SiC designed to have a large number of cutting points.
    Alumina lapping films consist of aluminum oxide, which is a naturally occurring material used primarily as a final polishing abrasive because of its high hardness and durability.
    Silicon dioxide lapping film is recommended for final polishing applications where edge retention is important and is often used as an alternative to colloidals and cloths for final polish on SEM and TEM samples.
    Cerium oxide lapping film is used for precision cleaning and polishing of components containing glass or quartz and can generate a fine polish on other substrates such as metals, ceramics, and plastics.
    When compared to 3M lapping film, Allied lapping film, and Norton lapping film, Hans stands out for its commitment to leading sales with technology research and development, providing customers with customized precision grinding and polishing solutions, and establishing a complete after-sales service and technical support system. Their products are also widely trusted by customers both at home and abroad, with many of them reaching the international advanced level.
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