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Colloidal silica slurries

Silicon Carbide Polishing Slurry
Through advanced technology, high purity silicon powder is transformed into colloidal silica slurries. These slurries are extensively utilized for nanometer scale chemical mechanical polishing in a multitude of materials, including but not limited to silicon wafers, chemical crystal combinations, precise optics, and gemstones. Our product offers various grain sizes to cater to your specific needs. Additionally, we offer both acidic and alkaline types, which are distinguished by their respective PH values.
1. High removal rate, by using big size of silica particle, you can achieve fast finishing;
2. Different particle size could be made to your request;
3. High purity can diminish impurity on electrical products;
4. High smooth processing, SiO2 particles won't cause damage on physical devices.
Fiber optic connectors final finish.    
​Colloidal silica slurries
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